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Explore cloud computing with Data Engineer Academy’s Amazon Web Services course. Learn about the comprehensive capabilities of AWS and enhance your skills in the field.

About Amazon Web Services

Our comprehensive course covers a wide spectrum of AWS functionalities. With a unique simulator, you’ll gain hands-on experience, exploring areas such as Aurora Athena using Glue, the intricacies of ELT Pipeline through DMS, mastering AWS Spark EMR & DBT, and more. Learn migration topics like S3 GCP and Cross Region S3-S3 migration with Lambda. And, we’ll conclude with the integration of DBT Postgres with Airflow on Windows, ensuring a holistic understanding.

What you’ll learn

Key Tools & Services You Will Learn:
Amazon S3: Dive into the vast storage solutions, mastering data ingestion, retrieval, and security best practices.
AWS Glue: Discover serverless data integration, preparing and loading data for seamless analysis.
Amazon EC2: Get hands-on with resizable compute capacity in the cloud, learning to launch and manage server instances.
Amazon Redshift: Engage deeply with this managed data warehouse, optimizing the analysis of voluminous datasets.
Amazon EMR: Harness big data processing with frameworks like Spark and Hadoop, and see the magic of EMR’s efficiency.
Amazon Kinesis & Firehose: Traverse the realm of real-time data streams, collecting, processing, and analyzing data on the fly.
AWS Data Pipeline: Orchestrate intricate data movements and transformations within AWS.
API Gateway: Delve into the creation, publishing, maintenance, monitoring, and securing of APIs at any scale.
AWS Lambda: Understand the power of serverless computing, executing your code only when required without provisioning or managing servers.
Amazon RDS & DMS: Explore the depths of relational databases and the migration service to efficiently transfer data.
AWS Step Functions: Coordinate multiple AWS services into serverless workflows so you can build and update apps quickly.
Amazon ECR: Dive into Docker container registry, understanding how to store, manage, share, and deploy Docker container images.
AWS Batch: Grasp the efficient management of batch computing workloads, scaling to your requirements.
Amazon CloudWatch: Monitor your AWS resources, gaining insights into application performance and operational health.
Amazon EKS: Explore Kubernetes on AWS, managing containerized applications with ease.
AWS CodeCommit: Dive into this fully managed source control service, hosting secure Git-based repositories.
AWS CodeBuild: Master the art of compiling source code, running tests, and producing ready-to-deploy software packages with this fully managed build service.


  • Data Lakes & Storage
    Understand AWS’s extensive storage solutions, primarily Amazon S3, which serves as the central repository for secure data storage and efficient retrieval.
  • Transformation & Processing
    Engage with AWS tools such as AWS Glue and Amazon EMR. Learn the processes involved in refining raw data, transforming it, and preparing it for analytical use.
  • Real-time Data Streams
    Familiarize yourself with the capabilities of Amazon Kinesis for managing real-time data. Grasp how businesses utilize real-time data, from monitoring live metrics to managing immediate operational needs.
  • Interview Training & Resume Building
    After completing the projects, our commitment to your success continues. We offer specialized training to prepare you for interviews, ensuring you can discuss and justify your project choices with confidence.

Interactive AWS Course Simulators

Interactive AWS Course Simulators

How Long Does It Take to Learn AWS?

The time required to master AWS largely hinges on your prior experience and commitment to the course. For beginners, understanding foundational concepts can be achieved in a few weeks. Advanced modules may demand additional time, possibly extending to a couple of months. With Data Engineer Academy’s structured approach, expect to invest approximately 3-4 months for a comprehensive grasp of AWS

Who shoWho should Learn AWS?

  • IT professionals looking to upgrade their skills.
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to harness the cloud for their business
  • Students aspiring for a future in cloud computing.
  • System administrators aiming for scalability and efficiency.
  • Software developers keen on integrating AWS solutions.

Motivation for Learning AWS

  • The demand for AWS specialists is high, leading to competitive salaries and extensive job opportunities.
  • AWS offers an expansive ecosystem, from machine learning tools to robust data storage solutions, giving a varied learning experience.
  • Major companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon prioritize cloud knowledge, paving the way for significant career advancements.
  • Entrepreneurs can leverage AWS to optimize and scale their businesses efficiently.
  • The cloud computing landscape is continuously evolving; mastering AWS ensures you remain at the forefront of these changes.

Join us, as we not only impart knowledge but ensure you’re industry-ready, equipping you with tangible skills and genuine experiences that resonate with today’s leading tech employers.