DE End-to-End Projects (FREE)

10 Modules
15+ Real Life End to End Data Engineering projects
The DE End-to-EndProjects seamlessly integrates data engineering principles with pragmatic application. Engage in a structured learning environment that emphasizes foundational insights and advances practical skill sets.

About DE End to End Projects

The DE End-to-End Projects course structured in two specialized modules to ensure an exhaustive educational exposure:

ELT Pipeline using AWS DMS, Spark with AWS EMR, DBT – At Data Engineer Academy, dive into the intricate world of AWS. Harness the power of AWS DMS to migrate databases to the cloud seamlessly, ensuring data integrity and minimal downtime. Tap into AWS EMR Spark to process and analyze vast data sets, revealing vital sales and inventory trends. With dbt, transform data into formats ready for deep analytics, empowering data science teams to derive actionable insights swiftly.

S3-GCP Migration using AWS Technologies – Embark on a transformative journey at Data Engineer Academy, mastering data migration from Snowflake to GCP using AWS’s powerful toolkit. Learn serverless processing with AWS Lambda, handle migration alerts via SNS and SQS, and streamline workflows with Step Functions. Dive into containerized tasks using AWS Batch and manage them with AWS ECR. To round off, you’ll script in Python, directing data seamlessly from S3 to GCP.

Data Analysis using Snowflake and Tableau – Engage with advanced data analytical techniques, leveraging Snowflake’s robust data management capabilities in tandem with Tableau’s sophisticated visualization tools.

Snowflake SCD1 & SCD2 – Tasks, Streams & Stored Procedure – When implementing advanced data solutions with Snowflake, it’s crucial to be methodical. Here’s a step-by-step approach to understanding the intricacies of Snowflake’s tasks, streams, and stored procedures:

Step up your data engineering game at Data Engineer Academy. Not only will you master AWS, but you’ll also gain hands-on expertise with groundbreaking technologies such as Kafka, Azure, Databricks, and Airflow. Our curated, real-life, end-to-end data engineering projects will immerse you in practical challenges, sharpening your skills further. Plus, with four new projects introduced monthly, your learning remains continuous, relevant, and aligned with industry trends. Join us and stay at the forefront of data engineering innovations.

What you’ll learn

In this comprehensive module, attendees will acquire proficiency with three quintessential instruments integral to contemporary data engineering:

  • AWS: Dive deep into the vast world of Amazon Web Services. Master the intricacies of cloud-based solutions and applications that are revolutionizing industries.
  • Azure: Understand Microsoft’s cloud platform, exploring its unique features and functionalities that empower businesses to achieve more.
  • Snowflake: Unlock the potential of this cloud-native data warehousing solution, streamlining large-scale data operations and analytics.
  • DBT: Transform raw data into actionable insights. Learn the art of data building and modeling in a way that’s scalable and maintainable.
  • Airflow: Master the art of workflow orchestration. Automate, monitor, and manage complex workflows and data pipelines efficiently.
  • Databricks: Delve into unified analytics. Harness the power of Spark in a collaborative workspace, driving faster innovation.
  • Spark: Dive into large-scale data processing. Unearth patterns, insights, and solutions using this powerful open-source tool.
  • Kafka: Grasp the fundamentals of real-time data streaming. Learn how to handle massive data flows in real-time with Apache Kafka’s robust publish-subscribe system.
  • Tableau & Power BI: Turn data into visual storytelling. Learn to craft compelling dashboards and visualizations that communicate data-driven insights effectively.


Course Highlights:

  1. Real-world Scenarios: Tackle projects that mirror real-world data engineering challenges, ensuring you’re job-ready!
  2. Step-by-step Guidance: Whether you’re a beginner or looking to upskill, our projects guide you at every step.
  3. Diverse Datasets: Work with data from various sectors – from e-commerce and finance to healthcare and social media.
  4. Cutting-edge Tools: Familiarize yourself with the latest tools and platforms used in the industry.
  5. Community Support: Collaborate, discuss, and solve problems with a community of like-minded data enthusiasts.

Why Choose Our Projects?

  • Industry Relevance
    Designed in collaboration with data engineering professionals, ensuring you’re aligned with industry demands.
  • Continuous Updates
    As the world of data evolves, so do our projects. Stay ahead with the most updated content.
  • Feedback & Reviews
    Submit your solutions and receive feedback from experts, to help you refine your approach.
  • End-to-end Experience
    Cover every phase of a data engineering project, from ingestion and storage to processing and visualization.

Interactive DE End-to-End Projects Course Simulators 

Motivation for Learning DE End-to-End Projects course

Understanding the DE End-to-End Projects course offers several tangible benefits for aspirants in the data engineering domain:

  1. Holistic Skill Set: Seamlessly transition from theoretical principles to real-world applications, amplifying your utility in data-centric roles.
  2. Future-Proofing: With the rise of cloud infrastructure and digitization, knowledge of platforms like Snowflake, AWS, and Tableau ensures sustained relevance in the job market.
  3. Professional Growth: Data engineers are in high demand. This course positions you advantageously for competitive roles and rewarding career trajectories.

Enroll in the DE End to End Projects course to elevate your skills and carve a promising path in the ever-evolving world of data engineering.